X and Zero Helmet (Prototype)

This is what we are working on so far, this is just a prototype of X and Zero helmet being made now. New pics and video will be up soon. Once it is painted and done we will post up for everyone to see and enjoy. Please show some support! Thank you.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Details of Megaman X The Movie

This is going to be a real life not a cartoon or anime film, The movie will contain real life actors (not known/underground). We are going to stick to the story line of the original game for the SuperNES and  from the PSP version "Maverick Hunter: Day of Sigma", but we are also going to add a few new things to the story just to touch it up, we are going to focus on X, Zero and Vile. The story will include the mavericks and their rebellion but as of now we are only going to go and feature the ones of the first game. The Music for the film will be some tracks of U-Gen Kurogen http://kurogane-u.s341.xrea.com/ The movie will explain how Dr.Light created X and why. Also on Zero there is going to be something real special that all the fans will really enjoy and be familiar from the X4 game, we'll just leave it there and you will have to watch to find out.Yes Sigma will be appearing on the movie (What's an X game without Sigma!) keep updated for further details. mean while www.youtube.com/megamanxmovie

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